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Competition Time…We’re giving away three Canvas Prints

Yeap, we are. Three lucky winners will get a canvas print each at the end of this month. We are giving away one 36x24in canvas print and two 24x16in canvas prints.

Facebook Competition

This month we’ll be giving away three canvas prints

Head on over to our  facebook page to enter this competition. That’s the only way to enter. The competition will end at midnight on Feb 28th, 2012 and the draw will take place on March 1st, 2103. There will be three winners, and each one will get one canvas print.

You can increase your chances if you are recommending the competition page to a friend. Each recommendation will give you one extra chance to win one of the three canvas prints.

Kids Room Illustrations Now Available!

We’ve added two new Kids Illustration to our  KID’S ROOM WALL ART PRINTS Collection

They are both customization (you can add your child’s name), and maybe more – email us for more. They both look amazing as canvas prints and we’re sure the little ones in your lives will appreciate them for years to come. We can also print these illustrations as posters.

kids room illustration

Lovely Boys’ Room Wall Art



kids wool wall art

Lovely Girls’ Room Illustration

Obama “Hope” style pop art prints

Personalized pop art prints style

Obama “Hope” poster style prints`

Obama “Hope” style pop art prints now available!

Personalized Obama “Hope” poster Style canvas prints. As always the process is very simple, you just send us your photograph via the website and we’ll do all the work. That’s another pop art prints style at our website!

Andy Warhol Style Prints Available!

Andy Warhol style prints now available.

Personalized Andy Warhol pop art prints from now available. It’s very simple to order, you just upload your photo, choose a size for your very own pop art prints and that’s it. We’ll do the rest. Several styles will be available, like one panel, two panels, three panels and so on up to 9 Andy Warhol style prints panels.

Andy Warhol Style Prints

Multi-Panel Andy Warhol Style Pop Art Prints from

Once we receive your image we’ll email you a proof of what your personalized pop art print will look like. Once you’re happy with that we will proceed to print it on canvas.

You can also choose to have your Andy Warhol style image printed as a poster. We’re looking at adding framed prints in the future.

Canvas Prints Website is Now Live!

canvas prints ireland

A screenshot of our new homepage.


Our website for canvas prints is now live. Awesome pop art prints also available.

We really wanted to create a simple to use website. And for the most part i think we succeeded. We have some new features that no other canvas printing website in Ireland has. And we have some really cool features.Automated Image Checking
Users will be able to upload your photographs to the site. So far nothing out of the ordinary. But this is where the magic starts. Once you’ve uploaded your photograph, our system will check it for you. Then, it will only allow you to choose the canvas prints sizes that are suitable for your photograph.


The uploaded image is instantly checked

Now that’s a really cool feature…but wait, there’s more…introducing:

Image Cropping
Once you’ve selected a canvas print size, you can proceed to cropping your image. Yes you can choose how the final print will look. This feature is also very new in Ireland and will give the user total control over how the final product will look.

You can crop the image and choose how it will look like

You can crop the image and choose how your canvas print will look like

I know, i know it’s really cool….but wait, theres even more…introducing:

Image editing
Once you’re done with the cropping you can change it to black & white or sepia. In case you’re wandering what your canvas prints would look like in black & white, worry not. On you can actually see preview these changes before we print it your photo on canvas. Same for Sepia

image effects

Want to make your image black&white or sepia? no problem

You can also flip the image horizontally or vertically. Or Both.

I know, that’s really really really cool. So after all that work designing your own canvas prints we made it super easy to go through the check-out proces. It’s all done in one step. But we’ll talk more about the one step checkout in another post.

one step checkout

Easy, simple, one step check-out

Feel free to email us should you have any questions

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