Frequently asked questions

How do you print stuff?
We use a high quality Canon W8400 Pigment printer. This is a 6 colour machine capable of outstanding results. We only use high quality ink and media (canvas, photo paper) and custom made colour profiles to ensure maximum quality and colour accuracy.
All canvas prints are varnished twice with a high quality clear matte varnish for extra protection and colour enhancement.
How long will the prints last?
Our inks have a lightfastness of atleast 85 years. This means the colours will not fade for at least 85 years. Lightfastness of any print is affected by many factors including ink, media type and environmental conditions of where the print will be displayed like humidity, direct sunlight and temperature. All these will influence how long your prints will last. We recommend keeping your canvas/poster/print indoors and away from excessive heat sources like stoves and radiators. Excessive humidity like bathrooms or saunas will also decrease the life of your print.
Why do colours look different on my screen compared to the print i received?
The simple answer: Every screen is different and therefore will display colour differently. Printing is also using a different technology than monitors when handling colours. Our printing process is colour managed from start to finish. Our monitors are colour calibrated monthly and so are our printers/inks/media we print on. This ensures we will always print everything as accurately as possible. If you are unsure about any of the images you would like us to print please contact us by email ( and we can arrange to send you a small printed sample.
What sort of canvas and photographic paper are you using?
We use very high quality 100% cotton canvas (matte) and photo paper (matte).
How can I look after my canvas or photographic print?
Our prints, like any other work of art, should be treated with care. Ensure minimal contact with the printed areas and make sure your hands are clean and dry before touching the prints. If your print needs cleaning only use a soft dry cloth. Be gentle as you can easily scratch your print. Never use any cleaning liquids or powders as these will damage your print permanently.
What sort of files can I send you?
You can upload JPEG(or JPG), PNG, and TIFF files. Our website will automatically check the images you are uploading and will only allow you to choose from the sizes that will render a good quality print. As a rule of thumb always upload the highest possible quality to make sure your prints will look good. (generally, the bigger the file the better the quality)
What about the pop art effect you offer?
We make all the pop art styling adjustments manually and we'll always email you a digital version before we print. Artwork will only be printed after your approval. Please note that colours may vary slightly from those shown on your screen. The styles of pop art effects we offer may vary from time to time but feel free to ask us if a style you've seen on the site is no longer available. We might be able to help you.
What about the drawings?
All drawings are firstly hand made and then digitized (made into digital files ). The process goes like this:
    - You send us a photo through the facility available on the website and choose a drawing style.
    - We first draw a rough sketch by hand. We'll scan it and email it to you. You are welcome to make anatomical changes at this stage (change position of limbs or head, or body posture). We'll take all changes on board an email you a revised proof. Please make sure to make all desired changes at this stage as it will be very difficult to do these changes once the file has been digitized.
    - Once you are happy with the pencil drawing we will proceed to digitizing the drawing. At this stage you will only be able to make changes regarding the coloring of the drawing. Any other alterations (change position of limbs or head, or body posture) will be charged extra.
    - Once you are happy with this we will print your drawing on canvas or photographic paper or frame it as per your choice.
    - The hand made sketch or digital file of the high resolution drawing will not be made available to you.
Do I need copyright for the images I'm sending you?
Yes you do. Please check with the image owner before submitting an image to us for printing in order to be sure you do have the right to reproduce said image. If you are unsure please contact the image owner and get clarification. The copyright of any image belongs to the person that created it, or took the photograph (the person pressing the button of a camera to take a picture is the copyright owner of that image)
What about images from Google, are they not free to use?
No, images found through any search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing...etc) are not free to use and YES they are copyrighted (in the vast majority most cases). You need to get permission from the image owner in order to print these images. It is your responsibility to provide us with a file for which you have obtained reproduction rights.
What payment options do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit/Laser Card (MasterCard, Visa, Laser) All payments must me made in advance. Goods will only be dispatched after cheques have been cleared. All Goods shall remain the property of until paid in full.
Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
Yes it is safe. We are using 3 companies to receive online payments: PayPal, Streamline and Realex Payments. We do not have access to any of your credit/debit card information and all these are being processed on our behalf by said companies on highly secured encrypted websites.
Will you crop my image?
No we do not crop images. Our website has a built in function that allows you to choose how the image will be cropped. This means that the image will print exactly the way you want and you will not have any unpleasant surprises. Some products will require our involvement in preparing the image but we will always send you and email soft proof. We will only print the image once we have your approval.
What are your Returns & Refund Policy?
Because most products are bespoke we cannot accept any returns unless the products are damaged or faulty. Colour variations between your monitor and the final print and artistic interpretation are not grounds for returns or a refund. Artistic interpretation is the way we apply our pop art effects, or black and white or sepia effects to your images. We will never apply such effects unless you have specifically asked for it when you have placed the order. Please note that the SEPIA and BLACK&WHITE effects on the website are for illustration purposes only and that the actual printed colours may vary.
What about the SEPIA and BLACK&WHITE effects?
The colour tools we offer on the website are for illustration purposes only. We refer to the black and white ans sepia effects. They are there to give you an idea of what the image will look like when applying them. We always professionally apply a sepia or black and white effect to suit each image. As every image is different from the next these effects will affect each image differently and as a result of that each image may look different when printed.
What are your prices & sizes?
Please check this page.
Where do you deliver and how much does it cost?
We deliver to anywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland, U.K, and Mainland Europe.
Delivery Charges:
    - Republic of Ireland: Free
    - N.I. And U.K.: €25
      - Mainland Europe:€39

Will my print arrive in good condition
We take every precaution to ensure teh safety of your print. We use quality bubble wrap and cardbord for each work to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. If you notice any defects with your product please contact us within 7 days.
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