Kid's Room Wall Art Prints

Customisable kids room wall art prints. Please choose a style from those below and tell us what name you would like on it. We can also print it without a name. Each design comes in various sizes and is available in 3 formats: Landscape, Portrait or Square. You can print it on canvas or as a poster.

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  • Kids Room Space Explorer Print

    Lovely illustration for your little Space Explorer. You can make it extra special by adding their name on it. Choose to print it on canvas or on photo paper as a poster.
  • Kids Room Dancing Bird Print

    Innocent Illustration for the little Nature Explorer in your life. Name customisation available. You choose the size and how to print it: on canvas or as a poster.
Please select wrapping style

Please select the wrapping style for your canvas print. The differences between two styles are described below.

There is no price difference between the two canvas print wrapping styles.

canvas prints gallery wrap
canvas prints museum wrap

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Gallery wrapping a canvas print simply means that the image is being wrapped around the edges, as shown in the above image.

Museum Wrapped Canvas Print

Museum wrapping a canvas print simply means that the edges are left (usually) white, as shown in the above image.

Please select desired size
Please choose a size for your print. Depending on the uploaded image some sizes may not be available - our system checks your image and then calculates the best available options for you. If a size is not available it means the resolution of your image is too low to ensure a high quality output.
canvas prints step 2 Please note the sizes are approximate
and are for illustration purposes only
size CMsize ″price
Manipulated Image
Image Effects
You can apply black and white or sepia effects to your canvas. You can also flip your image. Please note that the black & White and sepia effects are for illustration purposes only and that a proffesional effect will be applied manualy by us (as chosen by you).
Final Image
Final preview
Please check your image carefully as this is how it will be printed. If you wish to make any changes please go to one of the previous steps. Otherwise please add your product to your shoping cart. You will be able to review the cart before purchasing.

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