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High quality personal canvas prints from your own photographs. Simply upload your image and our step by step guide will take you through all the necessary steps. All our canvas prints are stretched using 38mm deep wooden frames. 

Order your unique canvas print in 5 easy steps
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  • Canvas Prints


    To create your photo canvas print simply follow our quick and
    easy step by step instructions.
    Click on "UPLOAD PHOTO" to select your image from your files.
  • Please select canvas wrapping style

    Please select the wrapping style for your canvas print. The differences between two styles are described below.

    There is no price difference between the two canvas print wrapping styles.

    canvas prints gallery wrap
    canvas prints museum wrap

    Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

    Gallery wrapping a canvas print simply means that the image is being wrapped around the edges, as shown in the above image.

    Museum Wrapped Canvas Print

    Museum wrapping a canvas print simply means that the edges are left (usually) white, as shown in the above image.

  • Please select canvas size
    Please choose a size for your print. Depending on the uploaded image some sizes may not be available - our system checks your image and then calculates the best available options for you. If a size is not available it means the resolution of your image is too low to ensure a high quality output.
  • Customise your print

    Please choose how your photo will be cropped. Your choice might be limited by the chosen size and by the image resolution. Please note that your canvas will be printed exactly how it appears on this screen. The dimmeed areas outside the selection will be cropped out. You can go back and select a different size. You can apply black and white or sepia effects to your canvas. You can also flip your image. Please note that the black & White and sepia effects are for illustration purposes only and that a proffesional effect will be applied manualy by us (as chosen by you).

    Resized Image Manipulations
  • Final preview
    Please check your image carefully as this is how it will be printed. If you wish to make any changes please go to one of the previous steps. Otherwise please add your product to your shoping cart. You will be able to review the cart before purchasing.
    Final Image Preview

Is my photo suitable to be printed on canvas?

We have put together a quick guide to help you determine if your photo will produce a good quality canvas print. Read more here

About our canvas prints

All our canvas prints are produced using very high quality canvas. We use professional colour correction equipment to ensure all our canvas prints look fabulous. All our canvas prints are varnished with a clear satin canvas varnish for extra protection.

The normal turnaround time is around 3 - 5 working days. Please contact us if you need your canvas print done quickly and we'll do our best to speed up the process for you. We offer free delivery to R.O.I. on all canvas orders.

Canvas wrapping styles

There are two ways a canvas print can be wrapped: Gallery Wrapped or Museum wrapped

canvas prints gallery wrap
Above: Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print (Click to enlarge)

canvas prints museum wrap
Above: Museum Wrapped Canvas Print (Click to enlarge)

Gallery Wrapping a Canvas Print

This means that the image is wrapped around the edges of the canvas stretcher bar. A small portion of the image is "lost" because it needs to be wrapped around the edges.

Museum Wrapping a Canvas Print

This means that the image is not being wrapped around the edges of the canvas stretcher bar. The edges will usually be white.

Which one is better?

We think this is purely a matter of personal taste. It's completely up to you as to which canvas wrapping style your canvas print will have. You can preview both using our step by step canvas printing guide. Choose one style and see how your canvas print will look like, then (before you place your order) simply go back and choose the other style to see the difference.

Canvas Stretcher bars

We only use high quality 38mm deep canvas stretcher bars. Kiln dried to ensure no warping. We also supply all our canvas prints with tension adjusting wedges – We have made a quick video on how to re-adjust the tension of your canvas print.

canvas prints stretcher bar Above: 38mm deep wooden canvas stretcher bars

canvas prints stretcher bar close up Above: 38mm deep wooden canvas stretcher bars close up

High Quality Finishing

We take great care to ensure our canvas prints are finished to a high standard. We use quality galvanized steel staples when stretching the canvas. Then, we finish it with brown framing tape hiding all the staples.

We supply all our canvas prints with a hanging kit and hanging instructions.

canvas prints close upAbove: Close up of a canvas print produced by (Click to enlarge)

canvas prints corner close up Above: Close up of a canvas print corner produced by (Click to enlarge)

Customer Reviews

"very nice canvas" review by Mary
I just got my canvas and I have to say that I'm delighted with the result, quick delivery too.
thank you (Posted on 07/01/2013)
"great quality" review by John C
Great quality canvas, very helpful on the phone , i'm impressed. recommended to anyone who wants a canvas print. thanks (Posted on 07/01/2013)
"Nice Quality" review by Peter O'Donohue
I ordered a canvas print a few days ago and it just arrived this afternoon. Te colors are very good and i'm quite happy with it. I wasn't sure how my photograph will print (24x16in) but i think i should have gone a bit bigger. thanks (Posted on 07/01/2013)

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