Is my photo Suitable to be printed on canvas?

First of all, if the photo you want to have printed on canvas looks exactly the way you want, then you should probably just go with it. Regardless of what others might say. If you're happy with it – that's all that matters. If a photo ''looks too dark'' or ''looks too bright'' because that's the way you intended it to be, then just go with it.


If you're not sure, well, maybe we can help.


There's always a lot of debate regarding the artistic values of a photograph. We're not going into that. We think our customers are smart enough to decide if a photographs is suitable to be printed on canvas, or not.


We've put together a quick guide that deals with the technical side of things when it comes to the suitability of a photo.


If a photo is completely blurry, will it look sharper when printed?
The simple answer is ''No, it will not look sharper''




I think my photo is too dark, will it print ok?
If you didn't mean for your photo to be this dark, it may be too dark to print.




I think my photo is too bright, will it print ok?
If you didn't mean for your photo to be this bright it may be too bright to print.




Do you think the person in the photo is too far away? Are they being overwhelmed by the background or by objects in the foreground? If yes, maybe it's not the best idea to print that image.





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